Any tips to reduce swelling after breast augmentation?

Is there any advice regarding the post-op swelling? I want to see the real results of my breast augmentation as soon as possible, and swelling is standing in the way of that. I had the surgery two days ago and everything went perfectly. It's just that they look a bit larger than I imagined and I really hope it's just because of the swelling. Can I do anything to speed up the process? Thank you!


F, 32, Virginia

Breast augmentation recovery takes time. At this point you are just 2 days into your post-surgery recovery period.

There's not much you can do to speed up the recovery time, but you can help to reduce the swelling in the near term by sleeping in an inclined position, and gently applying cold compresses or ice packs within the first 48 hours of the augmentation recovery period.

Everyone's body heals at slightly different rates, but you should see a major reduction in swelling within two to three weeks and the final results will be visible around the three month mark.

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You’re still extremely early in the recovery process following your breast augmentation. How much swelling you have now will depend on the type of surgical procedure you had (whether your implants were placed over or under the muscle) and on your body’s response to the plastic surgery.

Pain and swelling are extremely common after breast augmentation surgery. It’s normal to want to see results immediately but there’s really no way to accelerate the healing process. At just 2 days into your post-op period there will still be bruising, some fluid collecting around the breast implants, and normal swelling of the soft tissue.

You can help to reduce swelling to some degree following plastic surgery by applying ice packs, sleeping in a sitting-up position, and avoiding strenuous activity. If you don't have an ice pack handy, try gently applying a bag of frozen peas. Additionally, you can try drinking pineapple juice, which contains the anti-inflammatory enzyme Bromelain.

You should see a noticeable decrease in swelling after two weeks, but for the swelling to go down completely the recovery time is normally between 2 and 3 months.

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After doing BA for 40 years, healing and swelling post surgery 'take time!'.... Average 2 to 3 months.

There are OTC treatments that may be beneficial such as arnica and bromoline. Also gentle massage can help alleviate the early swelling. No matter what it will take a little time for the swelling to resolve for you to see your result. I'm sure you'll love it- congratulations on your new look!

There is really very little swelling with breast aug. The thing that happens is that the tightness and the placement will change. Just use ice for the first few days, a support bra and time. It will get better on its own and you will adjust to the sudden increase in breast size.

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