Are chemical peels a good way to fix under eye circles?

My grandfather always had very dark circles under his eyes. He was 100% Italian so he had a fairly dark complexion. I guess he passed it on to me. Would a chemical peel be a good way to get rid of them, or at least make them less noticeable?


F, 30, Virginia

Tags:under eyes eye bags

Chemical peels can help rejuvenate the lower eyelids/dark circles in some patients, but it truly depends on the anatomy of the problem. Also certain chemical peels should be used in caution in individuals with darker skin complexion.

In general the treatment for dark circles/lower eyelid-cheek junction demarcation/"tear trough" can include fillers, fat grafting, resurfacing (laser or peels), and/or surgery. After an in-person examination the option treatment plan can be selected.