Are chemical peels okay to have on your neck and chest?

Is it safe to have a chemical peel on your neck and upper chest? I have some dark spots and wrinkles in these areas that I’d like to treat with chemical peels. Seems like the skin on and around your neck is pretty thin, so would that be an issue?


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Hi Caddyllac,

Sun spots and fine lines are common on the neck and chest and if you're already doing all you can to protect your skin with an SPF of 30 or more on a regular basis, then chemical peels may be able to help. For example, we have used the VI Peel with Booster to the chest area with substantial improvement of years of sun damage on several patients. You have to commit to several peels on a monthly basis or every 6-weeks to achieve good results, but you won't be disappointed if you follow the post- and pre- peel protocols. In addition to peels, many patients seek the use of Fraxel laser resurfacing to correct the signs of aging and sun damage with incredible results. Laser treatments, in general, cost more money and can be associated with greater "downtime" (meaning redness, flaking, etc.). 

Some patients can suffer from more severe skin changes of the neck/chest area in a dermatologic condition called Poikiloderma of Civatte. A medical provider would be required to diagnose and properly treat or discuss treatment options with you should you be suffering from this type of condition. There are various lasers and pulsed-light therapies that help to correct or improve this condition, but again, sun protection is of utmost importance.

Good luck,

Dr. Jeanine Downie

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