Are chin fillers as effective as a chin implant?

From what I’m reading chin fillers will never last as long as a chin implant. I’m looking for more shape and definition in my chin, so while I would love to just go with something simple like a filler, I also don’t want to have to keep going back to my doctor every few months. What does everyone here recommend?

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Fillers such as Radiesse can mimic a small or petite implant and last up to a year or more. It can be used for an immediate result or to "try before you buy" an implant. While HA fillers are easily reversible, I feel they are not stiff enough to give the projection improvement that I desire to give. If after a three dimensional study of your facial proportions (length and chin projection/ nose) the ideal increase is 3-4 millimeters then I often recommend fat grafts. For any more than that a chin implant is indicated.