Are CoolSculpting results truly long lasting?

My stomach pooch needs some "readjusting". I'm done with dieting and sit-ups. None of that has has helped get rid of the extra flab and skin around my midsection. This is the one area I feel that I have no control over. That being said, if I decide to get it done, will the results from a CoolSculpting treatment last? I wouldn't want to put the weight back on.

As long as you are an appropriate candidate, we are seeing excellent Longterm results with Coolsculpting. Please see a board certified physician who is experienced in Coolsculpting for a consultation. 

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Some patients with excellent results of cool sculpting. If your concern is some skin access you may want to seek consultation regarding a possible surgical excision of procedures such as a tell me tuck in order to get you the best of abdominal contour.

The fat loss is permanent because the fat cells have been destroyed. The fat cells that remain though can get larger if you over eat though.

The GOLD STANDARD is LIPOSUCTION! CoolSculptong is a non invasive multiple long term to see results if ever, freezing of fat externally. There are high %s of pain, nerve injuries. Only <25% attain acceptable results from the published medical studies...