Are cup sizes accurate during a breast augmentation?

I want to move forward with a breast augmentation, but I’m nervous that the size I expect will actually turn out bigger after surgery. I’m pretty small as it is, and I really don’t want to go through with something that dramatically changes the size of my boobs, or makes them look unnatural. I’ve read some reviews from people who said their boobs were way bigger than they expected, and now they’re regretting it. How can I avoid this?!


F, 28, California

Preferences seem to differ depending upon what area of the country you are from. Here in Texas, as with many things in Texas, women tend to prefer bigger and worry less about going too big as they do about whether they've gone big enough! While it can be difficult to decide, with guidance from your surgeon and trying on sizers to see what looks best for you is usually the best way to avoid mistakes in size. Seeing how different sizes look under clothes you typically wear will give you a good idea of the "right" size. 

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In my opinion picking the perfect breast implant size requires three components:

1) tissue based planning: where measurements are taken determining the optimal fill capacity for an implant

2) 3D imaging: where a simulation helps you and I decide on the best size

3) preoperative sizing with sample implants: where you get to try on your estimated size range and see how you fill out your bra and clothing

In my experience, using all three of these methods assures an extremely satisfied patient.

Hi there! We'd be happy to help you address this question and see you in consultation here in California. Cup size is a notoriously difficult thing to perfectly predict, partly because different bras for the same breast size may read with a different size on the tag. We usually use sizer inserts to the bra to help guide the selection and then put information into a surgical simulator.

Check out Crisalix, the surgical simulation tool we use to help guide implant size selection on our dedicated page:

Additional information is available here:

In-person physical exam in the consultation is the only way to really plan this properly, and even then slight cup size differences among postop bras that you eventually fit will exist, but we find the sizing and simulation tools help minimize the potential for "buyer's remorse" on size postop.


-- Dr. Sayed

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