Are dark black moles always dangerous?

Someone told me that my dark black skin mole needs to be checked out by a doctor. Do all black moles eventually become cancer? Mine is on my shoulder and its just a bit smaller than a dime. I don't think that its always been there, but I'm pretty bad at keeping track of these things.


M, 38, California

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Hi. Not all moles become cancer.  But it is very important to have them checked by a dermatologist, especially if they are black or different shades of brown.  If there is any suspicion, it is very easy to have it biopsied to check.  Sounds like yours is big enough that you will need to have a biopsy, and then you will know for sure if it is cancer or not.  Check with your primary doctor to see if he/she can recommend a good dermatologist for you to see.  Best of luck!