Are erbium laser treatments effective on stretch marks?

I have some white stretch marks on the side of my legs, just below my hip bone. I’ve been reading up on erbium laser treatments recently and it sounds like they are pretty effective at reducing the appearance of most stretch marks. Based on where mine are, and the fact that they are white but not that old or deep, do you think I could benefit from erbium laser treatments?


F, 48, Wisconsin

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Hi Frenzy:

Erbium or any lasers are not effective on depigmented (white) stretch marks.   There really is no good treatment except excision.  The problem is that the stretch marks come from the underlying dermis being torn with the epidermis (the outer portion of the skin) still intact.  The technology to fuse the dermis under the epidermis has not yet been effectively developed.  Although, when it is, who ever does it will become a billionaire.

Dr. Ken Stein