Are free breast implants dangerous to your health?

I participated in a raffle that offered a pair of breast implants as the first prize. After I won the contest, I was contacted and told I had to setup a consultation with the plastic surgeon who was going to perform the procedure. In your experience, are there qualified plastic surgeons who offer free breast implants? I wont this procedure from a raffle and I feel like no decent doctor what raffle off his services. How do I know if the doctor is qualified? Am I crazy for thinking I should do this? Do you think free breast implants are of lesser quality?


F, 26, Virginia

Hi jazluna

To begin with, in most states, and certainly in the bylaws of The American Board of Plastic Surgery, and other official bodies, it is unethical to raffle off medial services.  I would notify the medical board in Virginia.

On a practical level, how could you trust an unethical anybody? 

Find an ethical, well trained Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, and settle for nothing less.  I understand how you feel, but a "botched" operation may not always be salvageable to a good situation.


In my experience, it would be harmful to your help possibly to sign up for an operation without even having met the surgeon.  Second, such a situation you've described is actually against the ethics guidelines of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, so it's not clear to me that the surgeon you're dealing with is even a member of that Society.

This i very bizarre. It is against plastic surgeons code of ethics  policy to offer any surgical procedure. I would advise to inquire further about this doctor and his qualifications. Best of Luck

It is against the ethics policy of the American society of plastic surgeons for Board certified plastic surgeons to give away a surgical procedure. I would ask more questions about the qualifications of the Doctor and the source of the implants - are they fda approved products 

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