Are gummy bear breast implants better than silicone?

Gummy bear implants look much more natural, but aren't they at risk of turning upside down and looking weird?


F, 31, Delaware

Gummy bear implants are silicone - they are made of highly cohesive gel.  This is a firmer gel than regular silicone implants, which are made of cohesive gel.  Gummy bear implants can be round or shaped (anatomic).  Shaped gummy bear implants are made of a textured surface to reduce the risk of rotation.  There are differences in opinion on the indications of using gummy bear implants.  Some think that they give a more natural appearance, and also increases upper pole fullness.  Personally, I think gummy bear implants are too firm and do not give enough projection.  I find that smooth round over-filled (Inspira) implants give the most natural, aesthetic result.  

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