Are liposuction pills for real?

I have seen a few ads recently for liposuction pills, I guess, as a few of them have some form of "lipo" in their brand name. Are these diet pills? Is there anything that might differentiate them from the other over the counter diet pills available, any results they might produce that somehow resemble the results of liposuction? Lastly, are they safe? They seem really easy to get.


F, 26, Massachusetts

Plain and simple, snake oil.

Avoid this, save your money.  OTC meds for fat reduction in general are not usually safe and effective.

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Simply put, No.  Liposuction is surgical procedure,that contours your body, not a weight loss procedure.   Be very careful of supplements that claim to help you lose weight.  These products are not always approved by the FDA, and may be very dangerous.  

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Liposuction is a surgical invasive procedure - I'd be very careful of the untested diet market as some of these pills can be very dangerous.