Are low profile breast implants the most natural looking?

I’m 27 and considering getting breast implants. I’m going for a perkier shape and a slightly bigger size (from a B cup to a C cup), but I don’t want mine to say “look at me.” I prefer a natural look and feel, if that’s possible. So I’m in the process of weighing all of my options and have come across low profile breast implants. For someone in my position, would this be the best option for me?


F, 28, New Jersey

Thanks for the question.

Moderate, moderate plus, high and ultra high profile ROUND implants basically differ as follows: 

The higher the profile, the more the volume is distributed forward in the implant and the narrower the width of the implant side-to-side. If you are looking for modest enhancement, a moderate or moderate plus profile implant, or an ANATOMIC shaped implant, may be appropriate. Some studies suggest that over time, the ROUND and ANATOMIC implants all adopt a somewhat teardrop shape with gravity anyway, so there may actually be minimal benefit to ANATOMIC implants in most straightforward breast augmentations.

In our office, we use Crisalix surgical simulation software, which is AWESOME for helping patients see the potential results of different implant shapes, styles and volumes, as well as identifying whether you need a lift. This can tell a great visual story to the patient and takes a LOT of the guesswork out!

-- Dr. Sayed

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