Are microcurrent facials as effective as a facelift?

As a 51 year old woman who is always looking for ways to improve my appearance, I’ve been hearing a lot about microcurrent facials. From what I’ve read, they’re virtually painless and are supposed to help with wrinkles and overall skin health. I also see people throwing around the fact that they are considered the “natural facelift.” Which brings me to my question. Are they really as effective as a facelift?


F, 52, Virginia

I just had a patient see me as a consult who was sold a package of 18 sessions. She had six done then went to see me for a facelift. It does nothing close to a lift and my current patient decided enough is enough.

There is not a nonsurgical option of which I am aware that can come CLOSE to a facelift's ability to tighten and remove extra skin, shape the volume of the face, restore contours, improve the neckline, etc.

Most devices - lasers, RF, Thermage, Thermi, etc. can do an OK job of giving the skin an improved luster and tone, and they do improve texture and complexion. These devices may tighten the skin in a very subtle way but they don't remove loose skin, they don't tighten muscle, they don't graft fat to restore volume, etc. Only a facelift allows the plastic surgeon to accomplish all of those things.

-- Dr. Sayed

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