Are Restylane injections painful?

I want to plump up my lips something fierce (I really do) but I hate needles. The idea of a needle being injected into my lips makes me shudder! Do the Restylane injections hurt? How long do they stay in your skin for and how many needles per treatment? Because if it's not terribly painful I know I could keep my eyes closed and just endure it. It'd be worth it! I'll really have earned those gorgeous plump lips!


F, 29, Utah

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Filler injections to the lip can be done with topical anesthesia to minimize any discomfort.  This is generally a cream that is placed on the lips for 10-20 minutes prior to the injection.  You can also have something called a "dental block", which is where an anesthetic is injected into the mouth in different areas to numb up the lips entirely, similar to what is done by a dentist when you get a cavity filled.  Some of the fillers, like Juvederm (which we prefer over Restylane as it adds more volume and lasts longer), actually have the anesthetic lidocaine mixed in with it, making the injections less uncomfortable.