Are the results immediate for a filler procedure under the eyes?

The filler was injected above the cheekbones to lift the area and plump the sunked in part below the eye bags. It looks un-natural and I still have bags!


F, 51, Hawaii

Tags:2 days post-op

I would give the filler treatment a couple weeks at least before you judge because usually there is some temporary swelling right after the injections.  In addition, some filler treatments need touching-up.  Filler to the cheek for lift and undereye bags is usually very helpful.  If it doesn’t fully correct your undereye bags, then you can get tear trough filler treatment.

The filler may have traveled above the ligament that separate the eye from the cheek. You may need more filler to support the ligament to help smooth the area or an injection of hylenex to remove any filler that was injected above the ligament. Seek a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area to help!

Typically your results will be visible after the swelling has decreased. I would give it at least two to three weeks after your injections to see what the final result will be.