Are scarless breast reduction surgeries possible?

I'm afraid to have my breasts full of scars. Most doctors do a great job and are very skilled, but they can't recreate something that was already done perfectly by God. Are marks going to be obvious for people that don't know I had this procedure?


F, 34, Delaware

No surgical procedure is ever truly scarless. With the right techniques however, the scars can be extremely small and well hidden. Scarless breast reduction is a plastic surgery procedure which can achieve results similar to a traditional breast reduction, but with minimal scarring.

The scarless breast reduction technique is performed by making two small incisions on each breast. A scarless breast reduction, also called a scarless liposuction breast reduction, will reduce the size of large breasts but does not provide the same lifting action as a breast lift procedure.

We have had excellent results with the scarless procedure. but you should be aware that not all women are good candidates for this cosmetic surgery. If you are suffering from neck pain, shoulder pain, poor posture or other painful conditions due to your breast size and think scarless reduction may be right for you, I encourage you to meet with an experienced board-certified plastic surgeon for a free consultation.

Your doctor will examine the amount of sagging, skin laxity, and fatty tissue you have and will make a determination based on the existing positions of the nipple/areola.

The term "scarless" is just an expression. There is no such thing as a breast reduction procedure that leaves no scars.

The procedure can be referred to as scarless because the scars are extremely minimal and almost invisible when the procedure is performed correctly. Unlike the traditional method, a scarless breast reduction is generally a breast liposuction procedure and is almost always performed on an outpatient basis.

During the procedure, for which you’ll be under anesthesia, your plastic surgeon will remove excess fat tissue. While the procedure reduces the size of the breasts and accomplishes aesthetic body contouring, it does not significantly raise the position of the breasts.

It's important to note that the final results of a liposuction breast reduction are generally minor. Individual results may vary, but most patients are able to drop one or two cup sizes at most. If you have extremely large breasts, it is likely that the traditional method of reduction surgery will be required.

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Waiting to see one.......

There is no such thing as scarless surgery and every person heals differently. The scars can be placed in inconspicuous areas but if you make incisions on the breast they will be there. Good luck and be very careful of marketing gimmicks. 

No. Every surgery results in scars. "Scarless"BBR surgery results in minimal scars that can be placed in less conspicuous areas of the body.