Are submuscular breast implants better than subglandular?

Could someone help me understand the main differences between submuscular breast implants and subglandular? An explanation in layman’s terms would be great. I am early on in my research process, but I definitely want breast implants. Just not sure of what types or techniques are best.


F, 27, Tennessee

Both implants techniques are acceptable, but depending on your circumstances you might be a better candidate for one or the other.  The decision is not simple, and Without an exam, it will not be possible to fully evaluate you and give you recommendations.   Be sure to discuss your goals and concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon and consider the pros and the cons. Be certain your surgeon is properly certified.  I've attached a link where you can start your search. 

Implants are generally placed submuscular to decrease the incidence of capsular contracture which is a potential complication.  Your body produces scar, a capsule, around the implants and that scar can tighten around them distorting the breast.  That occurs less frequently with submuscular placement

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