Are there affordable payment plans for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

I know Brazilian Butt Lifts are expensive, and there’s no way I can afford one right now. I’ve been researching them for a while, and I really want one. Are there any affordable options for me?


F, 31, Ohio

Most plastic surgeons offer patient financing through CareCredit. We also offer AlphaeonCredit, to give patients more choices. Prepayment in installments (sort of like layaway) is also possible for selected patients and procedures. One piece of advice: do NOT just go with the cheapest deal you can get. You could be playing with your life. Miami in particular (I used to practice in that area so I know well) has a lot of cut-rate cheap factories for Brazilian Buttlift and other surgery but there has been a wave of patient deaths and complications at these "chop shop" facilities, so beware. 

Consultation in the office or via video chat for out-of-town patients starts the process of evaluating whether you are a candidate for such surgery.

-- Dr. Sayed

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Buttock augmentation with implants may be less expensive (it is in my clinic), and many clinics (including mine) will offer financian options through a third party! Good luck!