Are there any better alternatives to fraxel laser?

Fraxel seems like it really does a great job restoring skin and reducing lines and wrinkles. I've really been impressed with what I've read, and the pictures I've seen online. Just curious what most doctors think? Are there better alternatives out there, or is this at the top?

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We use Fraxel frequently, as it's the gold standard in my opinion in cosmetic lasers.  There are stronger lasers, but they also take far longer recovery.

I believe the Halo (hybrid laser) can achieve better results faster. We have used Fraxel for many years and have recently replaced it with the Halo. Sometimes we usre the Fractional Carbon Dioxide laser that is a bit more effective on fine lines but has a bit longer recovery by a few days. Patients tolerate either better under topical anesthetic than Fraxel.