Are there any breast lift techniques that could prevent scarring?

My breasts are very deflated after having kids. I am pretty sure that I need a breast lift but am worried about the scarring.

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There are not any very effective techniques for breast lifts that do not involve a vertical scar. This scar is needed to remove redundant skin and support the newly uplifted breast tissue 

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 Unfortunately all breast lifts have scars. When you find the board certified plastic surgeon that you trust go over all the options and have them show you where your scars will be.  The hardest part about the scarring is it's unpredictable. Hope this was helpful. Good Luck!

depending on the skin to volume ratio and the overall position of the nipple, you may be a candidate for an implant and ThermiTight minimally invasive skin tightening. The only scar would be that one used to place your implant in that case.

Anytime of lift is going to leave a scar.  I use a special tape over the scars for three months in order to get the best scar possible.  You should see a number of examples of scars and outcomes at your plastic surgery consultation.  In many cases deflation after pregnancy may be treated with an augmentation alone which leaves behind a very inconspicuous scar.  Only an in person exam will allow your plastic surgeon to know if this is an option for you.  Best of luck.

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There are lifts with smaller scars and lifts with scars that are difficult to see. Sometimes you really don't need a lift because you are just deflated. That assessment takes an exam and consultation.

Hi Simone,

There are different techniques for breast lifts including:

1) Anchor Lift

2) Lollipop Lift

3) Donut Lift

4) Crescent Lift

The best technique for you will depend on your surgeon's approach, the sagginess of your breasts, your skin's tone and elasticity, nipple placement, and several other factors. Each technique results in different potential scarring.

To read more about breast lift scars, check out this article on our blog.



Dear Simone9; Thanks for the Swivel inquiry. The rule is any time skin is cut a scar can form, especially in breast lift surgeries. Best to seek only in person opinions from boarded PSs in your area. Regards Dr B 

Deflated breast and sagging breast are two different problems.  Both can be addressed with breast implants with or without breast lift.  Deflation after pregnancy or weight loss may be treated with breast implants alone which leaves behind small scars.    Both approaches, implants and lift,  require surgical incisions and scars.  A formal cosmetic consultation is need to determine the best approach for your specific problem.  Discuss incision patterns and scars.  Ask to see photographs of the good bad and ugly scars from previous patients.  Care for the incisions post operative is just as important as incision patterns.  We use post operative lasers, special tape, silicone sheets in incision care after surgery.  All of these techniques are useful to decrease the appearance of scarring. Do your homework, choose a surgeon who will spend time with you in education regarding options.