Are there any non-surgical procedures to reduce nose size?

Are there any non-surgical procedures to reduce nose size, submitted image.
I don't mind my nose that much, however I was wondering if there are any non-invasive methods to make it look a bit smaller?


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Sorry, but there is no way to reduce nose size without surgery. There are, however, some non-surgical ways to make a nose look smaller.

While there are many "home remedies" (like ginger powder) which claim to be natural ways to reduce nose size, there is little scientific basis to any of them.

But there is one real option which doesn’t require surgery: A "non surgical nose job" uses injectable dermal fillers to subtly change the contour of the nose. This can be an effective technique for nose shaping and for smoothing a dorsal hump -- but it doesn't actually make a big nose smaller.

While a non-surgical nose job doesn't result in a smaller nose, it can result in a more aesthetic contour. Unlike plastic surgery which is permanent, the hyaluronic acid based fillers create a temporary effect. If you don't like the results with dermal fillers, the results can easily be "undone" with an injection of hyaluronidase.

I'm sure many people wish the answer were "yes". Unfortunately, there isn't any way to make a wide nose thinner or a prominent nose project less -- other than rhinoplasty.

While there are non-surgical rhinoplasties which use injectable fillers to re-contour the nose, these won’t make your nose “smaller”, as you have asked.

Keep in mind however that a "closed rhinoplasty" keeps all the scarring hidden within the nostrils.

If you are concerned about rhinoplasty because of the possibility of scarring, please note that there are surgical options which limit incisions to the columella only (the vertical tissue which separates the nostrils).

We have had excellent success refining the nasal tip with closed rhinoplasty. The procedure leaves no visible scars and results in a reduced operating time and shorter recovery period.
If you are unhappy with the way your nose looks now, I encourage you to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss which options are best for you.

Unfortunately, no. However, small refinements to the tip and dorsum can safely be achieved through an invisible scar on the inside of your nostril. may help