Are there any risks associated with radiesse treatment?

The nasolabial folds and the puffy, dark bags beneath my eyes make me look older. I am only 18 years old but some kids tend to call me aunty because of my look. But the most embarrassing and disappointing moment is when people who are much elder than me call me aunty. Sometimes I feel like ending my life when they call me like that. These days I have noticed wrinkles on my cheeks. Is my skin aging faster than me? Do I have any skin diseases? I am really worried. When I discussed this with my friend, she said that the nasolabial fold and the sagging bags beneath the eyes might be due to the loss of elasticity in the muscle fibers. She said that these problems can be solved using radiesse facial filler procedure. So she suggested consulting a dermatologist at a clinic in Toronto. She has already taken an appointment for me. So I am planning to undergo the procedure. Are there any risks associated with radiesse treatment? What results can I expect after the procedure? Please share your views and suggestions. Any advice is highly appreciated. Thank you!


F, Ontario

I am sorry you have feelings of embarrassment when people call you aunty. Thoughts of suicide is not something to take lightly and this is something you MUST discuss with your primary care doctor or a counselor as soon as possible. You should begin by taking care of you skin and wearing sunscreen, then only after a thorough evaluation from a Doctor should you undergo any cosmetic procedure. There are risks involved with any type of injectable. 

You are young and if you are being bullied this is not acceptable. Please ensure you speak with your parents and guardians as well as teachers about this. I highly suggest you see a board certified plastic surgeon for a consultation about your concerns as well as your primary care physicians with regard to your suicidal thoughts.