Are There Certain Surgeons Who Specialize in Fat Transfer?

What type of surgeon should I be looking for if I want to get fat transfer to my face. I know that a lot of different doctors and nurses use dermal fillers. Are they qualified to do fat grafting to the face as well?


F, 56, Indiana

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Hi Valerie, Here at Lumen Laser Center, Dr Kwak has done many procedures in which he has taken fat from the body and injected to the face. Fat transfer is a process in which fat is removed from an unwanted area and moved to the desired area. Fat is typically collected from the abdomen or love handles through gentle liposuction. Fat is a great material for transfer because it is soft, natural and takes especially well to the environment of the region. Lumen Fill is a special process that we use to concentrate your own fat to make it especially pure and dense for the best possible enhancement. Read more about the advantages of Lumen Fill on our website. I would be happy to schedule your consultation where you will meet with Dr Andrew Kwak himself. At your consultation Dr Kwak will identify the precise treatment plan for you and your needs. It is a very detailed consultation so expect to be here for about an hour. He will go over an entire treatment plan with exact pricing. Pricing varies depending on the area being treated. There is a $100 consultation fee, which later turns into a credit toward your procedure or another treatment that we offer as well as towards skin care products. If you would like call for a consultation 610 525 0606 or email your request. We are in the office Monday thru Friday.

Fat grafting is the original "filler".  As opposed to off-the-shelf fillers like Juvederm and Restylane, fat grafting requires a surgical procedure to harvest and process the fat.  It is not a complicated procedure and, depending upon the amount of fat needed, can often be done in the office.  That said, it is generally done by a cosmetic surgeon - either a plastic surgeon, dermatologic surgeon, or ENT surgeon (but others are trained as well).  My recommendation is to look at before and after photos of several patients and look for the surgeon whose results you like the best.  Good luck!