Are there different kinds of Mommy Makeover packages?

I have recently learned about these Mommy Makeover packages that some cosmetic surgery clinics offer their patients. I don't know very much about them yet and I wonder if there is a real plastic surgery procedure called a mommy makeover or if it's more just a collection of procedures performed simultaneously that they call a Mommy Makeover? Finally, if it is the latter situation, can patients pick and choose from a variety of procedures as a mommy makeover package, the same way you might substitute Almond Chicken for Chicken Soo Guy when ordering Dinner #3 at a Chinese restaurant? As you can probably tell from my question, I don't know very much about them, but if it's what I'm thinking it is then I could be very interested in getting one myself.


F, 40, Kentucky

Good morning, A "Mommy Makeover" is a loose expression for when a woman decides she wants to "get her body back" after having children via plastic surgery. Usually the woman presents to the plastic surgeon with areas of her body that she would like to improve since having children and she and her surgeon tailor the operation to her needs. Often times these surgeries entail operating on multiple areas of the body, so to summarize, we just call it a "Mommy Makeover."