Are there drugs that actually make gynecomastia worse?

I'm the mother of a teenage son who, I'm concerned, may have pubertal gynecomastia. He is 13 and though he swears he doesn't, I'm afraid he's smoking marijuana. I can't say that he's done it a lot but I'm pretty sure he's done it and I think he's only recently started to do it so it's not too late. I have talked to him about it but, again, he swears he doesn't. I don't want to confront him with what I heard about marijuana and teenage gynecomastia now as he's really sensitive about his body these days. He brought up the subject of 'man boobs' himself! Before I mention anything to him about this, can you confirm if there's any truth to there being a negative connection between marijuana and pubertal gynecomastia? I thank you.


F, 46, California

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Dr Corbin


Hi Kathrynne:

I am not aware of any published studies about the use of marijuana and gynecomastia (although they may be out there).  Definitely there are anecdotal reports that pot use and gynecomastia are an issue.  I ask every teenager that I treat if they have used it.  I would say 50% say yes and 50% say no.  I think the real answer if 75% yes and 25 % no.

Dr. Ken Stein