Are there limits to how much areolas can be reduced?

I have massive areolas, and it’s odd because my breasts are nice and perky. So while I am comfortable with the overall size and shape of my boobs, I would love to reduce the size of my areolas. Are there limits to what can actually be done? I want mine to be as small as a penny but not really sure if that’s possible.


F, 34, California

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Yes, there are aesthetic limits to how small they can be made.  If they are very large, then making them very small might flatten the front of your breasts.  However, most women are happy to make them any degree smaller if they are really large.  Talk to your PS to see how much smaller he/she thinks you can go without risking changing the shape and contour of your breasts.  Best of luck!

Although there is very little limit to how much areola can be reduced, a very large reduction can cause a flattening of the breast which would not leave it so perky.  Please consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to best deal with your situation.