Are there non-surgical alternatives to fix droopy eyelids?

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It would be great to hear that there are some effective non-surgical alternatives that I could get to fix my droopy eyelids. Are there certain fillers that are recommended for this? Maybe creams or lasers?


F, 55, New Jersey

As we age, the muscle that moves the eyelids up gets lax and can begin to separate from the eyelids. "Droopy" eyelids that are the result of aging are best corrected with ptosis repair surgery, which involves repair of the muscular insertion.  Droopy eyelids can sometimes result from weakening of the muscle as an adverse effect of botox injections.  In such cases, drops such as Naphcon or Iodipine can alleviate the sagging eyelids until the botox wears off.  There are no creams or laser treatments that effectively treat droopy eyelids.

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