Are there risks associated with a Septoplasty?

My husband has needed to have a septoplasty done for awhile now and he keeps putting it off. I think it's because he is a bit scared of having surgery, in general, but especially on his face. Does he have valid reasons to be concerned about risks associated with that procedure or could I put his mind at ease and let him know there's nothing to fear beyond ordinary recovery stuff--for lack of a better word? If there are risks, what are they and are there ways to avoid them? Professional expertise is required, please! Thank you!!


F, 35, Utah

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It's normal to have apprehension about surgery or anesthesia. Yes, there are risks with septoplasty. However, risks are considered very low for an elective procedure. Septoplasty, with or without rhinoplasty, has generally an unremarkable recovery. Patients may have bruising, swelling, and discomfort, but symptoms in the healing period generally are manageable and resolve with time. The first step is to speak with a facial plastic surgeon to review potential options.

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Dr. Chaboki

Septoplasty is generally a successful procedure with a recovery period that is not difficult.  While there are risks associated with any procedure, problems with septoplasty surgery are uncommon and patients can enjoy a significant improvement in breathing.