Are there side effects from getting a hair transplant?

I'm a male in my 30s and I can already tell I'm doomed in terms of hair loss. I've known for a long time so I've been considering the possibility of hair transplants for a long time but only as of very lately am I considering it for real for the first time. I'm prepared for nasty comments and other crap but I hadn't thought about the possibility of side effects until I realized I might have to do this. If the side effects outweigh the benefits of having hair, I'm out. However if they're side effects I can live with, then, that ain't so bad. Knowledge is power!


M, 36, Oregon

Tags:man age 25-34 balding hair loss side effects male pattern baldness

Sometimes the donor site scar is noticeable, and a telltale sign of a hair transplant. Sometimes, the hair can be put in so regularly that it almost looks doll-like. In most cases, however the result is safe and long-lasting.