Asian Rhinoplasty - Low Dorsal Height

Can rhinoplasty make a western nose more like an Asian one? I think I'd look amazing with a short nasal bone and increased tip projection. How realistic it is to hope for something like this?


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  • Because many East Asian faces have shorter, wider and flatter noses, Asian rhinoplasty patients often seek a different set of cosmetic surgery options than Western patients.
  • Typical surgical options for Asian noses include building a strong nasal bridge, making the nose more prominent, narrowing the nostrils, and refining the nasal tip.
  • Asian rhinoplasty is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures in East Asian countries. For more information on how procedures differ from East to West, see our summary on Asian rhinoplasty.
  • If Caucasian patients seek cosmetic procedures to make their noses ‘look more Asian,’ it is typically not referred to as Asian rhinoplasty.

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First, I should say that what you're asking about isn't Asian rhinoplasty but a rhinoplasty procedure to make your nose look more Asian.

Asian rhinoplasty generally refers to a plastic surgery procedure performed on Asian noses. In general, Asian noses are shorter, wider, and project less than Caucasian noses. Cosmetic surgery goals are usually very different for each ethnicity.

Asian rhinoplasty procedures are extremely popular in Asian countries but less well known in the United States. Whereas most Caucasian rhinoplasty patients seek reduction surgery, which involves shaving the dorsal bone to make the nose smaller, an Asian rhinoplasty often involves surgical procedures to make the nose more prominent. It may also refer to silicone implant augmentation, which increases the overall size and projection of the nose.

While I can't offer you any specific answers without a direct consultation, if you're asking about cosmetic surgery to make a Caucasian nose look more like an Asian one then, yes, that may be possible. But keep in mind that there’s more to an Asian appearance than nose shape.

My advice is to consult with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to discuss your specific anatomy and review the available options.

Thank you for the question and an examination aided by digital photography would be able to show you what is possible.  So see some experts that use this technique and become informed what is possible

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Yes, it should be possible to ‘Asianize’ a typical Caucasian nose.

In most cases, Asian noses are flatter and wider than Caucasian noses -- and, as you noted, they are often shorter. In contrast to Caucasian rhinoplasty patients, most Asian patients seeking rhinoplasty surgery want a combination of greater dorsal projection, a thinner nasal bridge, and more definition in the tip of the nose.

It sounds like what you're asking about is not an ‘Asian nose job’ but whether or not there is the possibility of using rhinoplasty techniques to make a Caucasian nose more closely resemble a typical Asian nose.

Because your request is somewhat unusual, my suggestion would be to schedule a rhinoplasty consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon. With the assistance of computer imaging software, your doctor will gain a better understanding of your aesthetic goals and can help you visualize what final results are possible.

It is very difficult to answer your question about "Asianizing" your nose without examination. You need to consult with a Board Certified PS where you can express the reasons for your wanting those changes and then being examined to see if it's possible and if it would be worthwhile. Good luck!

It is very possible but most important is to have a visual idea of those changes on your face. I recommend seeking out a surgeon that has digital morphing imaging for you to get an idea of what changes you'd like to have to your nose look like on your facial structure. Good Luck!