Augmentation in Rhinoplasty. Cartilage or Silicone Implant?

I've read somewhere that doctors are using ear cartilage to build the bridge of the nose. But isn't that going to make the ear look weird? I wouldn't want to ruin my ears for the sake of my nose. On the other hand, silicone implants are known to increase the risk of infection. So which one do you recommend? 



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Thank you for the question and the preferred cartilage is from the septum or rib.  That said taking ear cartilage should not deform the ear in anyway.  Another good alternative is to use irradiated rib cartilage from a cadaver

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  I recommend using either autologous or fresh frozen cartilage for rhinoplasty. If your nasal septum is not able to be used than cartilage from either your ear or nose or very good alternatives. Donor cartilage can also be used so may be worth discussing this option with your surgeon. Good Luck! 

I use a lot of ear cartilage for reconstruction of the nose. Rarely does someone notice any difference in the appearance of the ear afterwards. If they do it is usually that the ear is closer to the head which is desired by some who undergo the procedure as they feel their ears stick out too much already

Whenever possible, it is always better to use your own cartilage, whether it be from your septum, your ear, or your rib.  There is also the option of using cadaver cartilage (yes - cadaver cartilage).  Implants are used as well, but carry with them a higher risk of complications which include exposure and infection.

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The majority of boarded US PSs offer carriage reconstruction in rhinoplasty.

I feel that anytime you can use your own tissues it is better.Your ear won't look deformed so I would opt for cartilage or one can use rib cartilage as well.

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