Average cost of breast reduction and lift?

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What is the cost, on average, for a breast reduction and subsequent breast lift? Does it vary depending on the size of your breasts? I am 28 and I developed early - in a huge way. I would like to have kids someday but don't even want to think about how uncomfortable it would be with my breasts grown even larger. I am seriously interested in having a breast reduction as well as a lift but can't realistically consider it until I know what I am up against financially. I've heard prices vary depending on where you live. I'm in Portland, Oregon but would be prepared to travel if the cost savings were great enough.


F, 29, Oregon

It varies greatly on region to region so it's hard to say price differentials in different geographic areas. Good Luck!

Thank you for your question. Costs vary accordingly to the severity of the condition, the combination of procedures undertaken, the amount of surgical time involved and the facility fee. An exact cost can not be given unless you have a thorough consulatation. Best of luck! 

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