Based on my details, do I qualify for Areola Reduction?

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My breasts have always been somewhat irregular. I am 31 and an average weight and finally have some cash to spend on what hopefully will give me some confidence on the beach and in bedroom. My areola’s are about twice the normal size and very dark color, even though I have pale skin.


F, 32, California

Without a personal examination answering your question is not possible.  Having said that, if you think the areola is too large, then you should think about seeing a doctor to see if you're a candidate.  Be sure to discuss your goals and concerns with your board certified plastic surgeon and consider the pros and the cons. Be certain your surgeon is properly certified.  

Areolar reduction can be simple or challenging depending on the surface area of the areola vs. the skin envelope of the breast and the degree of overhang of the breasts. For some patients, the best approach is to actually do a slight breast lift using a vertical incision as well as an incision around the periphery of the areola. If the areola is VERY large, this may be required in order to lower the risk of the areola spreading all over again to its original size. One of the drawbacks of the Bennelli (periareolar) breast lift, which is essentially the donut incision that would be used for a minor areolar reduction, is that there is tension throughout the circle of the edge of the areola which can lead to spreading of the scar and/or areolar pigment surface area. With the "circumvertical" technique, some of this tension is distributed to the skin along the vertical scar, with a better long term maintenance of the reduced areolar size. Obviously, photos and an exam would be necessary to fully advise. Happy to help!

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