Brazilian butt augmentation or traditional butt augmentation?

Is there a difference between Brazilian butt augmentations and the regular, traditional butt augmentations? And if there is, how do they differ? I have been considering having my butt augmented for some time now and think this is probably something I should know about before I make any moves.


F, 30, California

Traditional buttock augmentation refers to buttock augmentation with implants. Brazilian buttock lift (BBL) refers to buttock augmentation and shaping with liposuction to the areas surrounding the buttocks with fat then grafted into the buttocks. Augmentation with implants has a higher incidence of complications, most commonly infection, as the implants are foreign bodies. The implants may also be palpable and there may be a noticeable scar. BBL has a lower infection rate, but runs the risk of fat embolus, which is very rare but can be very dangerous (even fatal). Up to 50% of the fat grafted during a BBL may be absorbed. However, BBL has become much more common in recent years as techniques have evolved to maintain the volume of fat that is grafted, thereby improving the overall results.