Breast Augmentation Complications?

What adverse outcomes should I expect after a breast augmentation? Except for the pain, swelling, and bruising, of course, which are obvious.


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You may experience some changes to sensation of your nipples and breast. Majority of the time it is transient but occasionally it may be permanent. Other issues may be with wound healing, infection, hematoma, scarring, rippling of the implant, and capsular contracture which is tightening of the scar capsule around the implant creating a potential malposition or discomfort in the breast. These are all very rare but are potential complication seen in breast augmentation surgery that should be discussed with you by your surgeon pre-operatively. Good Luck!

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Breast augmentation has a very high patient satisfaction rate when performed by skilled, experienced board certified plastic surgeons. 

Some potential risks and recovery related issues worth knowing about:

Infection - risk of infection of the wound or implant is the main one we are concerned about since implants are foreign bodies. We typically use antibiotics in the breast incision area, on the skin and taken IV and orally to prevent. Nonetheless, about 1% of patients nationwide may develop an infection requiring intervention. Sometimes implants need to be removed but can usually be replaced later without incident after infection resolves.


Bleeding/hematoma - usually easy to recognize and manage but may require a quick return to the OR if suspected. Not too common but a known risk of all surgery.


Asymmetry or cosmetic dissatisfaction - most people are not born naturally with symmetric tissue and few women have breast symmetry naturally. Slight asymmetries may persist after surgery even if a good surgeon tries to correct this. Sometimes patients are simply not happy with the final outcome despite best efforts to meet their needs.


Capsular contracture - hardening of the tissues around the implant may happen and may require removal or relaxing of the capsule with more surgery. In some cases this can be a painful condition but it can be very correctable in most cases.


Symmastia - there is a risk of the implants looking too close together (correctable in many cases and avoidable in most)


Implant failure/rupture/leakage - Mentor and Allergan websites have more detail around the safety of the newest generations of silicone implants


Additional risks including a rare risk of a type of cancer, risks of anesthesia, nipple problems etc. are less common and information can be found at

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Look on Mentor or Allergen web site for a listing of all the potential adverse complications. Also see a few in person boarded PSs in your area to discuss.