A breast augmentation and lift left me with uneven nipples

2 weeks post-breast augmentation and lift and my nipples look uneven to me! My boyfriend says it's all in my head but I know my breasts better and the nipples don't match perfectly anymore. I don't know if you can feel my desperation through these words but I am truly terrified by the thought of living with a pair of breasts that don't match! Now I don't trust even the size to be the same. How can I find out if they are even or not? If they aren't, what should I do? The doctors said the operation was a success, but I certainly don't agree!

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Thank you for the question but you are still early post op to judge your final result.  Express your concerns to your surgeon though as he knows best where you are at in the healing process

Dr Corbin


It’s difficult to say whether you have cause for concern without seeing your pre-op and post-op photos. Hopefully your plastic surgeon took photographs before and after your surgery so you can use them for comparison during your follow up visits.

Some people never noticed they had uneven nipples or their breasts were different shapes until after their breast augmentation. If the nipples were uneven prior to augmentation, there is a strong likelihood they’ll be uneven afterward as well.

I assume from your question that you’re in good health and don't have a separate medical condition or nipple pain. That being said, nipple and/or breast asymmetry is not uncommon in the first few weeks or months after surgery, even for women whose breasts and nipples were symmetrical prior to augmentation. 

Your body needs time to heal from surgery and your implants need to settle, as does your breast tissue. When you and your plastic surgeon determine you’re fully healed, the results can be properly evaluated and you can then decide what steps need to be taken.

It’s a little early in the post-op process to determine if your nipples are uneven. Many women have had uneven nipples, different shapes/ different sizes or asymmetrical breasts prior to breast augmentation but never noticed. If the nipples were not even prior to your procedure, they likely won’t be after the augmentation either.

However, if the nipples were even before you underwent the procedure and aren't even now, it could be that the implant was positioned improperly or the left breast / right breast is not healing properly. There could also be an issue with improper sizing of the implant itself which could lead to it appearing as though the breasts have slightly different shapes.

Your body needs time to adjust to your implants when you change breast size. Over the first few weeks following surgery, one breast may seem larger or appear to hang lower than the other. This can also be true for the nipples as the healing process may contribute to breast asymmetry. 

If, in a few months, you are not satisfied with the results – and have photos of your breasts both pre- and post-op – you can talk to your plastic surgeon / health provider about augmentation revision, although some people find the revision procedure not worth the additional scarring.

This must be really scary, but hopefully this paragraph will make you feel better. First, it takes 4-6 weeks for everything to settle down. At that time, if there is still asymmetry, bring it up to your surgeon. He or should may volunteer a small operation to correct the asymmetries. Finally, it is also possible that you always had some asymmetries, but only now are beginning to notice because you did not closely analyze your breasts before surgery as you are doing now. Without pictures, I cannot say too much more. After several months, if you feel like these asymmetries are real, and not going away, and your surgeon disagrees, you might want to seek a second opinion.