Breast implants turned out to be too small. What should I do?

I told the doctor I wanted a natural look, something not very obvious, but this didn't mean I wanted to wear almost the same bra size after the surgery! He recommended me the 300 cc implants, and they seemed big enough for me at the time. Once he proceeded with the operation, they proved to be smaller than ever expected. Now I don't know what to do. He should have warned me the implants may not look as big once placed under the muscle. Do I have any right to ask for a breast implant revision without additional fee?


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It is not uncommon after breast augmentation for patients to question the size of their breast implants. Some believe they don't have the right size, meaning the implant size is too large, or for others, too small. Many who believe their breast implants are too small immediately following surgery find that as the breast implants "drop and fluff" that they will actually appear larger.

It's difficult to assess your situation and the potential for repeat breast surgery without knowing how long ago the surgery was performed. If you’re three months post-op and still believe your breast implant surgery did not provide you with the breast size you wanted, you should address your concerns with your plastic surgeon.

Each plastic surgery practice will have specific policies regarding revision surgery, as well as which party is financially responsible for it.  Most will have already given you a copy of these policies BEFORE the surgery. Hopefully you’ve reviewed them and already know whether revision surgery will cost you anything or not.  

As for additional fees associated with implant revision -- that depends on the practice and whether they’re willing to work with patients left unhappy with their breast augmentation results.

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Hi. Sorry this happened to you.  Bottom line is, if you are not happy, then you should have a revision to exchange the implants for larger ones.  However, there will likely be a cost to you for this.  Every surgeon is different in how he/she handles a situation like this, but there are some costs that are not under his/her control - anesthesia fee, facility fee, new implants cost.  He/she may discount the surgeon's fee or even do it without cost, but those other expenses will likely be your responsibility.  Once again, I'm sorry you are in this situation, but you should discuss your concerns with your surgeon and see how he/she wants to handle it.  I hope you will find him/her to be reasonable.

Simply stated, some women are not happy with their breast implant size following breast enlargement surgery. There are numerous reasons for this, but it usually boils down to a choice made by the patient and the plastic surgeon regarding the size of the implant and whether they should have gone larger or smaller.

I assume you went to a reputable plastic surgeon that has done a lot of work in this area. If you are unhappy with the results and enough time has passed since the surgery (i.e. three months or more), then by all means schedule a follow-up consultation to discuss your options at this point. If you've had the surgery recently, know that the implants need to settle over time, which will eventually make them appear larger. In either case, I urge you to return to the surgeon that originally performed the procedure.

As for a re-do without any additional fees -- it could happen -- or the surgeon may be willing to waive the fee. However, you may have to incur the other costs associated with this surgery (time in a surgical center, anesthesiologist, etc.), although that may seem like a small price to pay to ultimately have the exact breast size you’d hoped for in the beginning.

Of course, as with your first breast augmentation surgery, you'll also have to endure  swelling, bruising and other side effects of the healing process.

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Thank you for the question and quite commonly patients feel they did not go big enough then when older and after weight gain wish they were smaller.  Bottom line ask your surgeon his policy

Dr Corbin