Breast Lift Not Possible after Breast Implant Explant?

Please help me. I'm looking for advice.

I recently received some news that disturbed me. I have large 500 polyurethane implants that were placed above the muscle. I don't have much of my own fat or flesh covering the implants. The implants were inserted through an incision under my breasts. I want my implants removed because they have caused autoimmune symptoms in my body. They were implanted about 6 months ago.  My surgeon (a good one in Australia) said he can remove my implants, along with the capsule, but afterwards he said he will not be able to lift my breasts because my blood vessels were cut during the method used to insert my implants (above muscle, incision under breasts, not much of my own tissue in breasts). I would rather have my breast implants completely removed and remain flat, than live with excess skin stretching down to my stomach. (My implants were way too large and were done in Hungary). 


F, Austria

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You should be able to have a breast lift, it just needs to be done carefully by a skilled plastic surgeon who has experience with these types of cases.  Another option is to just have the implants removed without a lift and let the stretched breast skin and remaining tissue settle for 6-12 months.  You can then very safely have a breast lift to reshape the tissues.  You can also have a more reasonable breast augmentation at that time, which I would recommend gets placed under the muscle to avoid some of the complications that you are having.

You don't say how long ago these implants were inserted. Polyurethane implants have been banned in the U.S. since the 1991 but have apparently remained available in Europe to this day. It is likely, if you have had these for a long time that explantation will require removal of the scar capsule around the implants. This will further thin your already minimal breast tissue. While a breast lift (mastopexy) might be possible, you are a high risk patient for complications, such as necrosis of skin or even loss of the nipple/areolae due to circulation issues. You need to be properly evaluated by an experienced plastic surgeon who can advise you whether you are a candidate for a lift or not. I always counsel women against going with very large implants for this reason. Their skin will stretch and the breast tissues will thin out with time such that it will be very hard to tighten up the skin if the implants are removed later. I wish you success and a very good plastic surgeon. 

R. Bosshardt