Breast reduction after pregnancy – how long should I wait?

Is there a general rule of thumb when it comes to the amount of time a woman should wait after pregnancy before she has a breast reduction? I had my second child 7 months ago and I don’t plan on having any more kids. Not sure if it matters, but I’ve never breast fed. I just want to make sure my body is ready to undergo a major procedure like a breast reduction.


F, 33, Utah

We recommend in our office that patients wait at least 6 months after finishing breast feeding, but 12 is even better.

I think in this case the main issue is when is an ideal time to be able to take the time to recover when you have an infant in the home. Since you are not breastfeeding, there is not a concern about interrupting the child's feeding and growth process, though I'd probably wait till you were around 12-15 months postpartum to make sure there is not significant milk production going on.

With breast reduction surgery, you will need at least 1 month to 6 weeks of wound healing without straining a lot to bend, stoop or have things (including babies) lying right on your chest. You will need some help with certain activities, especially bathing, in the first few weeks as incisions are closing. So the issue in my mind is when is there a good time for the surgery with a young child? Perhaps around 12 months postpartum when the baby might be starting to walk but you don't have to chase after him/her. From a medical standpoint, I think 12-15 months postpartum is reasonable.

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-- Dr. Sayed

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