Breast reduction for firming sagging breasts?

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I have always had very large breasts and considered a breast reduction in my mid 20s, but then got married and decided I would look into a procedure after having children. Now that I have had 3 kids my breasts are large and sag to the floor. As you could imagine, this is not ideal for someone who is still rather young. I am currently a 36E and would love to be something like a 36C. What type of procedure would be done to get this achieved? Thanks!


F, 33, California

Hi, CookieMom. It sounds like a breast reduction would be a great procedure option for you. A breast lift would be done at the same time so the breasts would be lifted as well. There are multiple techniques to accomplish this, and they are all very straightforward with minimal postoperative discomfort and short recovery times (about 1 week). The procedures utilize different scar patterns, the most common involved either a "lollipop" (the scar goes around your areola and vertically down to the bottom of your breast), or an "anchor" (same as a lollipop, but there is a scar that goes across the base of the breast as well). You can search for cosmetic doctors in your area through Zwivel and consult with them online, privately and securely sending them your information with photos, and get their opinions, recommendations, and estimated fees, to find out which procedure would be the best for you. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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