Breast Reduction for Males

What can a slightly overweight male do to reduce his breast size? I'm getting a bit desperate. 

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    Liposuction is a great option for a small amount of reduction of chest size. It's  a minimally invasive procedure that has a very tolerable recovery without extended time off work. Good Luck!

Male breast reduction is a very common procedure and increasing in popularity.  Typically the procedure is performed using liposuction to remove the extra fat.  In patients with firm breast tissue as well this tissue may need to be removed directly at the same time.  If you are only slightly overweight that should not be a problem.

Male breast reduction should include surgical removal of the breast gland tissue as well as liposuction contouring of the chest wall.  This should give better contours and final cosmetic results.  BMI of 30 or less is recommended by our office.  To get your best cosmetic results; loose the weight first.  Attain your goal weight and then have breast reduction.  

Thank you for the question. It sounds like gynecomastia which is breast enlargement in males. Gynecomastia can be treated by liposuction or removal of the skin and excess breast tissue or a combination of both depending on the size of the breasts. 

An in person examination by a board certified plastic surgeon in your area is crucial to determine the cause and to plan for an appropriate treatment. 

Best of luck! 

Dr. Khuthaila

If you can possibly lose weight, it will most likely reduce your breast size.  If you still need breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia, then a combination of liposuction and removal of the remaining breast glandular tissue can be performed.  

We can surgically remove the glandular tissue from the area as well as perform SmartLipo to remove any excess fat. This outpatient surgery is a good alternative to traditional liposuction because it utilizes local anesthetic and a typical patient only needs a few days of recovery time before returning to work and exercise. You can learn more about this procedure here:

The starting price for the procedure, liposuction only, is $3398.00. The starting price with liposuction and surgical excision of tissue is $4999.00.

Breast are made up of glandular tissue ( Firm) and fat (softer and fluffier). Depending on the combination of your tissue, you may get a reasonable result with liposuction alone or you may require a removal of the glandular tissue. this can be determined with a thorough examination by a surgeon that is trained to perform this type of surgery,

Lose weight! If you can't/won't then Try SculpSure (laser based fat reduction or Coolsculpting. If you want to be more aggressive consult a plastic surgeon to see if liposuction may be an option for you or you might need a surgical glandular (breast tissue excision)

Hi there! First, thanks for the question - it is a common concern and please don't feel desperate. There are great options to treat male breast enlargement. For overweight patients, obviously weight loss can help reduce breast fat volume and make a significant difference. There are many plastic surgery practices that also offer weight management or can refer you to dietitians, including using online weight/nutrition coaching platforms. I am a board advisor to one such platform: However, you may also have a component of breast enlargement unrelated to weight, with actual overgrowth of the breast gland and fatty tissue. Both weight-related and hormonal/genetic components of breast enlargement are part of the spectrum of gynecomastia. In general, gynecomastia is treated by first ruling out other treatable conditions and managing those conditions where possible (for instance, stopping anabolic steroid use with medical supervision, ruling out pituitary tumors, etc.), and then once that has been evaluated, the correction is surgical. Usually we combine direct removal of the enlarged gland and dense tissue beneath the nipple (like a lumpectomy) and then add liposuction to the fatty areas to smooth out the result. More info can be obtained here: Feel free to reach out to our office (contact info below) if you are interested in a consultation - we can also do remote video consults for out-of-town patients. Good luck! -- Dr. Sayed Visit us at Email us at Call us at 1-858-24SAYED (1-858-247-2933) Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @timsayedmd

Weight loss, liposuction or direct excision of skin and fatty tissue would be the most common options

Gynecomastia is an effective outpatient procedure that has helped many men in your position. Make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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The simple answers are exercise or Liposuction. If there's some laxity to the skin, energy associated Liposuction such as laser or ultrasonic is recommended for skin tightening Only in severe cases with more severe skin laxity would skin actually have to be removed. If there is gynecomastia (true breast tissue), Breast tissue or the breast bud may need ro be excised

Dear Stevecar,

There are two types of male breast development. One is just excess fat that goes along with being overweight or obese and the other is true breast development that is a hormonal issue. There is certainly crossover between the two. The distinction is important because it goes to treatment. Fat can be removed by liposuction whereas breast tissue is fibrous and resists liposuction. For any particular individual, a face to face visit and exam is crucial in order to determine what the best course of treatment might be. Typically, either liposuction or a more traditional breast reduction surgery, to remove skin, fat, and breast tissue will be the two possibilities. The first place to start, however, is with your weight. If you are very overweight or obese, this has major significance to your overall health, beyond just breast development. You should may a real effort to get your weight down to a healthy level for you. Your primary care physician can assist you with this. It is my belief that no dietary program will be effective over the long term without both dietary modification and an exercise program. Good luck!

Depending on the extent of breast size you are speaking of, you can seek surgical options from a plastic surgeon for Gynecomastia surgery. The surgical correction of enlarged or overdeveloped breasts. Choose a board certified Plastic surgeon who can discuss what is the best option in your case.

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It depends on the consistency of the tissue, the degree of skin laxity and expectations. True gynecomastia has a hard lump under the areola that can be removed through and incision at the edge of the areola. Generalized fatty tissue can be treated with liposuction. Often the two procedures are combined. Loose skin complicates the procedure a bit as removing it involves additional scars.