Breast Reduction for Teenager. Need help

My daughter is an amazing 17 yo girl who unfortunately has inherited my large chest and needs some professional help. She complains about back pain almost every day and hates the fact that is being picked on by boys at school. I would do anything that I can to see her happy, and I understand her problem because I had it myself since I was a teenage girl. I don't want her to grow up having the same complex as I did. What do you think I should do? Is she too young to undergo a breast reduction at this age?


F, 44, Vermont

Best avenue to follow is to seek a few in person consultations with only private practice boarded PSs in your city. Good luck. Dr B Miami

A breast reduction as a teenager is perfectly acceptable as long as you understand that it is possible that her breasts may continue to enlarge until she completes puberty and growth. The surgery can be life changing in her situation, and can allow more freedom from pain, increase of activity level and social confidence.

It may be possible to have the procedure paid for by insurance. Check with your carrier and find a board certified plastic surgeon with experience in breast reductions in your area. The office staff should be familiar with the rules for insurance coverage for carriers in your area.

Best of luck

Jack Peterson MD