Can a bald man have a Facelift?

People with hair have the advantage of hiding the scar in their hairline. What are bald people supposed to do so they don't have a visible line around their face? Or is it just something we have to live with?


M, 50, Vermont

Great question. Facelifts for patients with partial or complete hair loss make for a more challenging procedure. Special considerations need to be made in these cases. There are multiple facelift techniques and surgical procedures which allow surgeons to accentuate the jawline or perform a neck lift or brow lift with very limited incisions.

To minimize scarring, we use very small incisions which are carefully hidden behind the ears or under the chin. In some cases, such as when performing a mid-facelift, we will also make small incisions in the lower eyelids. The resulting scars are extremely small and barely visible to the eye.

All cosmetic surgery involves scarring. But these scars typically fade over time, to the point where they blend in almost perfectly with the surrounding skin.

Performing a facelift on a patient with hair loss can be more challenging than traditional facelifts, so I would suggest you seek out surgeons who have experience with baldness and the challenges it presents.

I would encourage you to schedule a consultation so we can show you some of our past results and discuss your specific case.

Yes, bald men can absolutely get facelifts. With 35 million men in the U.S. suffering from male pattern baldness, a large number of facelifts are performed on men with some degree of hair loss or complete baldness.

As you noted, facelift surgery on a balding or bald patient is a somewhat more challenging procedure since the incision lines above the hairline cannot be hidden in the usual way. Incision placement becomes extremely important in this case. The facelift incisions must be extremely small and strategically placed behind or in front of the ears to make them as inconspicuous as possible.

It is important to note, however, that it’s impossible to have facial surgery with no scarring.

Over time, the scars typically fade to the point where they are nearly invisible. Also, by making limited incisions near the ears and under the chin, the scars will be located in areas which aren’t very visible.

We have achieved great results for our male patients and I encourage you to come in for an initial consultation to discuss which options will be best for you.

I would also recommend reviewing photos of previous facelifts performed on bald or balding patients.

There are many techniques to minimize scarring and even some that are scarless.  So see some experts and be evaluated

Dr Corbin

 ITed possible  for all men and women, including those with no hair, to have a facelift. In all cases, there will be incisions around the ear, but if the healing goes well, in gopd hands, usually these incisions heal very reasonably. Anyway, you were right, that we will have to live with the incisions, but put another way, incisions  in most cases hear very well in exper hands. 

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   Yes a bald man can absolutely have a facelift. Generally the scars on the face and scalp heal very well and almost become imperceptible. Good Luck! 

Very challenging to hide the incisions/scars. Best to seek only in person evaluations. 

Yes a bald man can have a facelift but the challenge is how to hide the incision so it's a tradeoff ie you get rid of loose skin but you have a scar and once the scar is made it is yours.There is no second chance.