Can braces change your jawline and improve your chin?

Will having braces change the way your actual jawline looks? Can they help improve the shape and profile of your chin? That would be awesome because I have braces now as a middle aged man, but I’ve always thought that I had a weak chin. I’m hoping braces will kill two birds with one stone!


M, 46, New York

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In most cases (like aligning crooked teeth), braces alone will not add definition to the jawline.

If you’re interested in improving your chin, I would encourage you to meet with a cosmetic surgeon about chin augmentation. Chin augmentation is a simple and quick plastic surgery procedure that results in a very natural appearance and enhances the definition of a weak chin and jawline. By augmenting the projection of the chin (the extent to which the chin juts out), we can add balance to the entire face and improve its shape and profile.

Chin augmentation procedure is minimally invasive procedure with a quick recovery time of approximately one week. Final results are typically visible within 2 months.

Additional options for enhancing a weak chin are injecting facial fillers in the chin and along the jawline. We also perform liposuction on the neck which can have a powerful effect on increasing the definition of the chin and jaw.

Always consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon for best results.