Can Butt Implant Surgery Appear Natural?

I have heard a lot of great things about butt implants surgery. My only concern is that I am pretty thin and I'm worried the butt implants will look awkward on my frame. Will the edges of the implants be visible, or is there a type of butt implant that I need to request for them to appear more natural on my body type?

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That's a good question.  The key would be not to go too big.  Generally for small framed folks I recommend nothing bigger than the 300-350cc volume range, and it's best to hide the impant under muscle (not under the skin) to avoid visible edges.

Dear, in order to avoid an unnatural appearance we always meticulously associate fat graft over the edges of the implants and downsize the volume chosen. There are mainly three types of butt implant with a specific indication for each individual need. Best regards.