Can the dimples left from cheek piercings be fixed so that my cheeks don’t “dimple”/stretch when I smile anymore?

I had my cheeks pierced 10 years ago and only had them in for 6 months, but now my cheeks have tiny scars that “dimple” when I smile. As I’ve aged, the dimples have turned into my natural smile line and is starting to wrinkle my face. Is there anyway to PERMANENTLY fix these parts of my cheeks so that when I smile, the hole/scars don’t pull my cheek skin into a dimple anymore? 



F, 31, Colorado

I think subcission possibly with a needle followed by a filler may correct or at significantly improve your scars.

Laser to the area may help tighten the skin, but I don't think it will have that much of an effect, especially when you smile.  I would start with a filler to the area, such as Juvederm or Restylane to see how that helps.  My guess is it will help a lot.  If that works, then you can continue with these fillers once or twice per year, or try a more permanent filler such as Artefill.  I am not a big fan of permanent fillers because if there is a problem then it can't be removed.  

The scar tissue that developed from the piercing will need to be broken up to allow for the area to be improved. Often, this can be done with subcision (using a needle under the skin to cut the scar) followed by filler to help prevent the scar tissue from redeveloping in the same way. It may require several treatments depending on how severe it is to make it better.

It may be possible for the area to be filled in with your own fat. I do see you are in Colorado and our office is outside of Philadelphia. But I just wanted to through that out there for a suggestion. Thank you, Lumen Laser Center in Bryn Mawr Pa. 19010