Can a facelift be performed with minimal short scars?

Are there ways to have a facelift without having long scars on your forehead or near your ears? I’ve seen some before and after photos that make me not want to have one, mostly because I just don’t want to have visible scars all over my face. I am really looking to understand whether or not good results are possible with really small incisions. Thanks!


F, 52, Iowa

The length of scars around the ears depends on the extent of loose skin in the neck and mid-face/cheek area and the surgeon's approach. If there is significant skin excess and laxity in the neck, the incision extending behind the ear and down the hairline behind the ear will be longer as that's where we remove the excess. The part of the incision that goes up the hairline near your temple will depend on how much vertical (upward) pull the surgeon places based on your jowl and cheek appearance, and how the surgeon directs the lift. I generally tell patients that trading away a good contour and look just to get a short incision is a bad idea. The length of the incision for ANY operation should be as short as the surgeon can make it in order to get a GOOD CONTOUR AND SHAPE of the tissue being treated. Sacrificing contour and shape for a shorter incision is usually a bad approach - it often results in wavy, pleated, irregular incisions, or dog-ears of extra skin/fat at the end of the incisions where tissue should have been removed but wasn't because the surgeon tried to keep the incision short.

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Depending on the amount of laxity, particularly in the neck, then yes sometimes a short-scar facelift can be performed. The ideal candidate for this procedure is typically younger with good skin elasticity and a mild to moderate degree of skin laxity in the lower face and neck. If there is not a tremendous amount of skin excess and your main problem is jowling and mid-face descent, then you may be a candidate for this procedure.

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