Can a Facelift help acne scars?

I’ve already tried numerous procedures - dermabrasion, laser resurfacing, filler injections - but they still haven’t completely removed my acne scars. My doctor mentioned my getting facelift but also said this would just be a temporarily solution because of the swelling resulted from the surgery and the stretching and shrinking of the skin. Has anyone out there ever tried this to remove significant acne scars?

Acne scars generally fall into two categories -- ice pick scars or rolling acne scars. While there have been major improvements in acne scar treatment in recent years, there are often stubborn scars that just won't go away. It appears, from the scar revision treatments you’ve undergone, that you've been working with a  dermatologist; a facelift  should only be  performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

The goal of a facelift, or mini facelift, is to tighten loose skin. It will only provide a limited or temporary correction of the situation (some of the swelling associated with a facelift may also provide a temporary improvement but will subside as the face heals and the scars return). Some facial plastic surgeons may tout the facelift as a cure, however, most of my colleagues would advise otherwise. There has been some success with a procedure called microneedling. You may want to investigate this method of scar revision but, as with any such procedure, please don't jump into anything until you have thoroughly done your homework.

The variety of treatments and procedures you tried in order to rid yourself of acne scars probably helped the situation somewhat, but without fully completing the job. Severe acne in our younger years usually leads to significant acne scarring as we age. We see this often in older patients.

I admire your perseverance, however, unfortunately there is no treatment to completely correct acne scarring. Plastic surgery, in the form of facelift surgery, would likely only temporarily improve the acne scars due to the post-op swelling and stretching of the skin. It will reduce excess skin and enhance the contour of your face but in the end, it won't help eradicate acne scars. So as a long term solution, it’s not really a viable option.

Hello! Thank you for your question! There really is no way to completely remove acne scars. I have had the most effective results by combining a fractional laser, with fillers and often times a subcision. Many of my patients require 2-3 laser treatments and at least one syringe of filler. I hope this helps answer your questions!

I believe you answered your own question.  A facelift will stretch the skin thus flattenting out the scar.  Unfortunately it seems you have tried everything to soften the appearance of the scars.  There is no magic trick to completely remove the scars.  At this point the lasers especially the erbium lasers seem to improve the appearance of the scars with little or no down time.  However they do not completely remove them.

Another consideration is a process called Microneedling. Look for a practice with experience and even consider PRP.