Can a facelift look natural?

My theory behind why facelift's get a bad wrap is that everyone notices and points out the bad in someone, however when it is something good nobody can notice.  For example, there are a bunch of celebrities that blatantly got something done to their face but there are also a lot who look very natural. I am looking into getting a facelift in the next 3-6 months and would love to hear some opinions from some doctors. Do you agree with my assessment?  Can a facelift look natural?  


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Look at my facelifts.

I think it is important to be sure that the doctor strives to produce a natural looking lift. 

Hope that helps.


I believe that the whole purpose of a face lift is to look natural.  It should make you look rejuvenated, and refreshed not "pulled" so tight that it changes the way you look.   People should be able to notice something "different" about you, but not quite be able to put their finger on it.  They might ask if you changed your hairstyle, just came back from vacation or maybe been getting more rest.  Make sure that you go to a board certified plastic surgeon, and that he or she share your views on wanting to look natural after a facelift.

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I believe that whatever cosmetic procedure is performed the results should be natural. This is particularly true for the face which is viewed throughout the day. A facelift should result in a natural looking rejuvenated face whereby people cannot tell that surgery was performed. The face should not be pulled too tight and the scars should be well positioned so they are barely, if at all , visible. The same goes for the eyelids which are very often performed simultaneously with a facelift. You should consult with a Board Certified PS and look at lots of before and after photos.