Can Fraxel laser fade stretch marks?

Is the Fraxel laser doing a good job on removing stretch marks? I developed some while gaining a few pounds in college and, even though I'm slim, I can still see these nasty white lines all over my thighs. It's the first time I'm doing something to address this issue, and lasers seem like the only real solution to this. I don't trust creams, they never seem to work.


F, 32, New York

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Both fractional CO2 laser and radiofrequency treatments have proven to be helpful for stretch marks in my practice.  Exactly which procedure to choose would require a consultation to evaluate the appearance, depth and color of the marks in question.

Fraxel is great but you should also explore Fractora, which is a similar idea- but it results in less downtime and pain. Tattooing can also help. Stretch marks are a nuisance, but IPL/Fractora/Fraxel are a great starting point. Sometimes a tummy tuck does wonders by actually excising the damaged tissue.